V.O. ARTists samples
FV1 American English


FV2 American English


MV1 American English


MV2 American English


MV3 American English


FV1 British English


FV2 British English


FV3 British English


MV1 British English


MV2 British English


MV3 British English


MV4 British English


FV1 Spanish


FV2 Spanish


MV1 Spanish


FV1 Catalan


FV1 French


MV1 French


FV1 Italian


FV2 Italian


FV3 Italian


FV4 Italian


FV5 Italian


FV6 Italian


FV7 Italian


MV1 Italian


MV2 Italian


MV3 Italian


MV4 Italian


MV5 Italian


MV6 Italian


FV1 German


MV1 German


FV1 Portuguese


FV2 Brasilian Portuguese


MV1 Portuguese


MV1 Polish


MV1 Romanian

More languages coming soon…
If you are a voice talent and you want to apply write to

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